NDIS lwf driver installation problem

Hi, guys.
I am a not a greatest of experts in the NDIS field and I am having the following problem:

  1. A light-weight filter is installed on Win7x64 using INetCfg.
  2. After working for a while it’s being updated and the system is rebooted.
  3. After the reboot the Wireless Adapter dissapears…

For now happened only on IBM lenovo notebooks, Win7x64.
If the driver is uninstalled and then reinstalled explicitly everything is fine.


Disappears where: in device manager or connections?

Knowing which model also may be helpful. (does this reproduce with 4965, 5300 or newer, and Broadcom or Atheros ?)


So far happened only with Intel Pro/Wireless 39545BG cards (Lenovo X61 machines).
The device manager recognizes the card by the “Available Wireless Connections” list is always empty…