ndis filter auto installation

I write a ndis filter driver, However when I dont want to install service by local connection.
I try lots way include import reg file.Is there a better way to install the legacy driver not by install service in local connection, thanks.

You must install a service with an NDIS filter. You cannot install an NDIS filter using .reg files.

I have made the filter driver bootable. But the FilterSendBufferList and FilterReceiveBufferList calls both useless(not called), Is there anyway to solve the problem?

As you said in http://www.osronline.com/showThread.cfm?link=249473 ,

//An NDIS protocol driver gets registered with two databases: the SCM driver=
service database and the NetCfg network driver database. SCM is responsib=
le for starting the driver, and NetCfg is responsible for creating bindings=
to NICs. (These separate databases are also why installation requires two=
steps: SetupCopyOEMInf and INetCfgClassSetup::Install – one step for each=

Is npcap installer or other sample can be available in practice.

Filter driver is not a protocol.

Winpcap used to be a protocol, but in npcap they changed it to LWF + WFP combo.

If your filter is a LWF you can find the installation of the LWF part there (note their source license!)

– pa

SetupCopyOEMInfA error .