NDIS 5.0 serialized miniport driver strange behavior


Recently I encountered 2 problems when making my NDIS 5.0 (Win2K) miniport
driver the serialized one. Could somebody help me to find explanation to
that behavior (see below)?

Many thanks,


First Scenario:

  1. Setup serialized miniport driver.
  2. In MiniportInitialize (sys thread) initialize and start periodic timer
    which polls the NIC and set an event in callback routine
  3. In MiniportInitialize wait on event which is set in timer callback.
    PROBLEM: Timer never gets execution slot, i.e. event never set

Second Scenario:

  1. Setup serialized miniport driver
  2. When sending out the packets (from MiniportSendPackets), I queue
    pending packets internally in miniport and return pending packets to NDIS
  3. When packets get transmitted, I give them back to NDIS with
    PROBLEM: When packets are in miniport queue, sometimes they are released by
    NDIS, despite I set NDIS_STATUS_PENDING when returning from

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