My experience with latest WinDbg

Reading people experience they had with latest (6.3.0017.0) WinDbg and
reported on this list, I was not so sure that I want to upgrade to it. But I
took deep breath and decided to take a risk of losing some time. Once I
catch the “docking feature”, I opened my workspace and I was on the ride
again. Experience certainly depends on how do you use WinDbg, but for my
purposes it is OK and I will keep it.

One additional notice for WinDbg team (bug entry?):
When I opened my workspace, I used in previous version of WinDbg (,
it has lost settings for baud rate (e.g. I used 115200). In WinDbg
(6.3.0017.0) window title I see
“Kernel’com:port=COM1,baud='-WinDbg:6.3.0017.0”. This is problem only if
connecting WinDbg to target PC after it is already booted (during boot of
target PC, it auto-synchronize). Workaround is to Cycle Baud Rate
(Ctrl+Alt+A) to 115200 and then connect.

WBR Primoz
p.s. I didn’t try it in BSOD dump analysis yet and I hope I will not need to