Multiple INFs

I use a multifunction device (from FTDI) that includes two INF files, one that creates a Port class driver and one that creates a USB class driver. I would like to add yet another, eventually a HID class. For getting started (my first driver project, of course, has to be complicated), I’m using the Skeleton sample from WDK. I have it set up so that when it’s all by itself (with none of FTDI’s drivers installed) and I plug in my device, I can point the installer to the folder containing my modified Skeleton installer and it installs very nicely. I expected that I could just drop all those files (one INF, four DLLs) into the folder with FTDI’s installation, and the hardware identification would find my INF file as well as the two FTDI INFs. But it doesn’t. I tried adding a CopyINF to mine and moving FTDI’s stuff into a subfolder, and that resulted in the installer finding mine but not finding FTDI’s.

Is there somewhere any documentation or examples that will show me how to do this? Is it even possible?