Multiple card support for my PCI driver

Hello All,
I have developed a WIN NT kernel mode PCI device driver which can detect
all the PCI devices on the system. Also the driver can perform read/write
operations on a single device. Now I need to give the driver a multiple
device support(multiple cards of the same type) so that the hardware can be
plugged into the PCI slots & continue to perform read/write operations on
any of the attached devices.
Kindly help me to get started on this.

Thanks in advance.
Sachin Anvekar.


I assume your driver is not a WDM driver and your have a legacy driver
driver for Windows NT 4.0.

When you scan the PCI bus and detects all adapters (from your), create
for each adapter a new device instance (with different IO setting).
So a user mode application can select each adapter by name \Devce\Adapter.