Mounted File system device reuse.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve noticed this behaviour with CDFS and NTFS in Clustering enviroment:
When I first load a new CD, CDFS creates a new device object for the
mounted FS. Once I open a file and close it, CDFS seems to cache this
device object (forever ?). When I replace a CD and then go back to the
first CD, CDFS reuses the first device object.
CDFS also doesn’t try to free devices that are attached to the device
object, so FastIoDetachDevice is never called.
I did a test with 10 CDs, and CDFS caches them all!

Is there a limit to this device caching?
Can I disable this behaviour?
Why would CDFS cache the device object if there are no files open on that
volume anyway?.

I thought that File systems only do this if there are open files to the
volume in the time of dismount and the File system still has data in the
Cache manger.

Johny Baron.

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