Mount Manager Client question

I have a written my own ScsiPort driver equivalent for Win2k. I was hoping
since there is suppose to be little change to the architecture of WinXp that
the drivers would work with little change. I was proven wrong. Of course,
when running my drivers from Win2k on WinXp I get the BSOD of ‘Inaccessible
Boot Device’ during installation. The BSOD was pointing to an ArcName that
was defined as /ArcName/%s. Looks like the %s section of the ArcName is
pointing to a NULL parameter. Probably something change to get ArcNames
reported to the OS. This stuff drives me crazy.

All my the drivers are PnP.

My bridge driver enumerates my ScsiPort driver equivalent ( I say equivalent
because I really do not report my driver as //Device/ScsiPort. My
equivalent ScsiPort driver enumerates a Floppy device, CdRom device, and a
Disk device. My drivers are loaded and run as viewed from the debugger,
except for my Disk device. Looks the ScsiPort equivalent driver is handling
all PnP Pdo Bus Irps correctly. Except, I get no Start Device seen and my
Disk device driver is never called to load and run. All the code paths run
look the same as in Win2k except for a new Mount Manager request seen by my
driver (MOUNTDEV_STABLE_GUID). I looked in the XP DDK with no reference to
this IOCTL. I did however come across something about how to send I/O codes
to the Mount Manager as a Client. So here’s the question. Does my
equivalent ScsiPort driver have to send requests to the Mount Manager to
attach volumes to the system? Is this the reason for my BSOD (Inaccessible
Boot Device).

Thanks In Advance,

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