More on build dependency bug

I discovered a bit more today about the “build” dependency bug in the WDK.
Previously, I thought that it simply missed dependencies on any file in
a directory in the INCLUDES variable. In fact, it not only misses such
a file, but it stops scanning if it encounters such a file. For example,
I had a pre-compiled header that looked like this:

#include “inside1.h”
#include “outside.h”
#include “inside2.h”
#include “inside3.h”

Where the “inside” files exist in the current directory, and the “outside”
file exists in a directory mentioned in my INCLUDES variable. I changed
“inside2.h”, and was very surprised to discover that it did not rebuild
anything. Sure enough, “inside2.h” and “inside3.h” are not listed in

This is a very nasty problem. Very nasty. I sincerely hope that the
DDK team releases an interim fix of build.exe without waiting for
Vista SP1.

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boeklheide, Inc.