MMC card Firmware update


We need to develope a tool to update MMC firmware in Windows 8.

We will be using PCI Express based SD/MMC card reader.

In tool, We will be using IOCTL_SFFDISK_DEVICE_COMMAND ioctl to send command to MMC card to update firmware.

  1. Please let me know whether this approach is correct i.e. whether this can be done in tool.

  2. whether we can use PCI Express based SD card reader for the development.

  3. There are many MMC cards or hard disk connected to the system. what is the way to find out whether connected card is my MMC card.

Kindly clarify these queries.

Thanks & Regards,

I would suggest your question be submitted to NTDEV, as it’s not related to file systems development.

I will note that an IOCTL sent to a media file system will normally be forwarded to the underlying media device. Thus, your question is really about the media device, and thus appropriate to NTDEV.