MiniportReturnPacket() not getting called in NT Deserialized miniport Driver

I have a problem in Deserialized miniport NIC driver in Windows NT of MiniportReturnPacket() not getting called.
Before calling the NdisMIndicateReceivePacket() the status is set to NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS.

As per the DDK for Win 2000 (NDIS 5), all the packet descriptors are returned by NDIS to Miniport driver through MiniportReturnPacket() function.
But the MiniPortReturnPacket() is never getting called for our driver.

We are assuming that the behavior in case of deserialized driver in Win NT (NDIS 4) is identical to the above.

Can anybody give some pointers for this problem ? Does anybody have the documentation for NDIS4 deserialized driver.


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