Making MS-DOS device names available globally on Windows 2000 Ter- minal Server?


Howdy folks!

I am having a problem on Windows 2000 Server(which has Terminal Services &
SP2) with my Network-Redirector/File-System-Driver. This problem doesn’t
exist on Windows NT Terminal Server 4.0(SP4) though.

I want to make the MS-DOS device names available in the Global MS-DOS device
namespace, instead of the local one. I want to simulate the behaviour of
persistent connections for the connections I make. The connection made at
the server session should be available at the client session & vice-versa,
for a particular user. I couldn’t find more information/examples on
"Global" prefix & “register” utility.

How can I make the MS-DOS devices defined to be available in the global
namespace(in Windows 2000 SP2 & above) ? How do I use the "Global" prefix
for the objects I create?

I have another query. How I can get a list of logical drives of a server
session, from a client-session, for a particular user?
ex:- When I am logged in as “Administrator” from a client session, is it
possible to get the logical drives available at the server-session(for the
same account). Can I get the drive-list even if no ones logged on at the
server session? Can anybody help me on this? [GetLogicalDrives & related
functions do not help on this, even with RPC wrappers]

Thanks in advance,
-Ashfaque Ahmed

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