LWF WHQL siging using WLK 1.6 issues

Hello everyone!

Sorry for maybe a silly question, but I really don`t knew what to do.

We have a LWF driver, which should be working from Windows Vista till
modern versions of Windows, and for now we`re done it and trying to
get WHQL signature (needed for such drivers).

Ive download WLK 1.6 DTM (because were need to support old OSs we design our driver to Vista version of NDIS) and trying to create a driver submission. (Ive already fail tests on HCK because NDIS

While creating submission I`ve fix a lot of issues and read a lot
about DTM issues, download updates (updatefilters.cab) and read about
erratas and QFEs and trying to get Windows 2008 Server submission.

but can`t fix two of issues

  1. I always have a ChkInf error and all erratum Ive found seems to be expired, and as I understand - this issues could be fixed in my last 1.6 WLK package (even with updates maybe I miss some updates?) but Ive got a chkInf error anyway, and of cource local test is passing.

  2. While running test (on specially installed virtual miniports for
    LWF testing) I`ve always have also known issue from
    https://www.osronline.com/showthread.cfm?link=176752 - which is also
    known, and there is “It turns out that the latest DTM filters do
    handle this problem” reccomendation - which is done for me, but errors
    are still present

I`ve made a submission with theese two errors and other properly
passed tests and sent them with readme description, but It is in a
review state for a long time and when I wrote to sysdev@ I recive
short answer to use erratas and link to CSS support, which seems to be

I think there is something really easy, but couldn`t find right way.

Could someone advice me something? I`ll be very pleased… Thanks a lot…

PS submission #1778916 - it is in a Review state from 18 Nov 2015.
PPS and also sorry for my English…

Dmitry Skulachev