LPC comm. from Kernel to User mode.

The bugcheck told it itself to you - you may not
call NtConnectPort inside DPC routine.


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Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 11:19 AM
Subject: [ntfsd] LPC comm. from Kernel to User mode.


As discussed earlier too, I was trying to prototype the LPC communication mechanism from Kernel to User Mode.

I have this simple kernel mode driver, which on a particular IOCTL, intializes a timer. The DPC routine which is executed on expiration of this timer has the LPC client comm. code. I have LPC server running
in user mode.

It works well till I hit NtConnectPort() from client(kernel mode),I get a BSOD( A wait operation through DPC).

Actually I 'm a bit new to Driver programming, so please advice me the right place to keep the LPC client comm. code in my driver.


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> Yeah I agree with you, but shall I invoke a system thread, put this

code in there? Is my approach correct or not?

Yes, this should work.
Or you can also create this thread at the beginning,
and wait for an event which will be triggered in your
DPC routine.