Loading the function driver in the proper stack ...

Well, I took the WDM class in February, but scheduling and delays have kept
me from doing this until now, and the “notes” have gone stale.

What I am trying to do is to create a driver stack for a fibre channel
card(s) plugged into the PCI bus. The bus driver loads in the System Bus
Extender group, registers a private interface, and then waits for the
function driver to load. However, when the function driver loads as Extended
Base, automatic, it receives a device object from PNP manager instead of
FibreGear. Is this a GUID problem, or should my bus drivers AddDevice do
some “magic” that tells the PNP Manager to expect the FibreGear function

I’m reading Walter’s book, reviewing my notes from Jamies class, and reading
the DDK, but so far I’m puzzled. Toaster seems to cause the Toaster device
to load by the exe getting the bus interface and sending a Plugin IoCtl. I
need to have this happen without the exe.

(shaking his head and scratching his (parts of his anatomy))