Loading TCPIP as Boot Driver

Hi there!

I have a boot driver (needed for Win2K to boot, start=SERVICE_BOOT_START)
that depends on the TCP/IP stack. What it means is that then for my driver
to come up during boot time, TCP/IP stack along with the NIC driver should
be up too at boot time. Now, typically the TCPIP stack is up much later in
the boot process (start=SERVICE_SYSTEM_START), how can we configure it to
start at boot time?

If I change the HKLM/CCS/SERVICES/tcpip/start Key to have a value of
SERVICE_BOOT_START that is 0, it seems to come up OK though I have my
doubts on weather it starts at boot time or later? How can I confirm that
the TCPIP stack is indeed up along with the other boot time drivers like
disk drivers etc?

Has anybody tried loading TCP/IP stack (infact all the networking stack
along with NIC driver as well) as boot drivers?

I really want the TCPIP stack to be up right at the time usually the disk
drivers are started. Any pointres will help immensely!

Thanks in advance!