Loading an NTDriver on Win2K

Hai All,
I had a Driver written for win NT and I
want to loaded it on Win2000. For that I
copied a regini and my .ini file from my
winNT meachine to Win2000 meachine and
registered from command promt. Later I
copied my .sys file to
winNT\system32\drivers folder and manually
started the driver. But couldn’t able to
load it and it is giveing an error like its
not able to detect some of my source file.
Later I copied all my driver source code
files and compiled later I started loading
it is loading well.
But know I would like know what are the
changes I want to make to make my driver so
that it can load both on winNt and win2000
directly without doing all these copying and
compileing when I want to load it on
win2000. I will be thankfull if any one can
help me regarding this…
Hopeing some one can help.

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