KsTopTest, KsPosTest, WaveTest, others

Hey folks - I'm working on a wavert audio driver and I've been wrestling with the HLK the last few days. It would super-awesome if I could find the source or even just a stand-alone version of the KsTopTest that the HLK is running on my driver. Right now I have to iterate on this by running the full HLK test on a test machine with HLK studio and I'd really like to speed up my iteration.

I've noticed that much of the source for WaveTest seems to be in the windows driver samples repo under audio/tests but I can't find any source for KsTopTest. And I haven't been able to find the executable/dll for it either in the server or client HLK install.

It depends on how much hacking you want to do. Most of the HLK tests are run as big batch files, and the batch files are all installed with the kit. If you have snooping skills, you can find the exact command line that is being run.