kernrate on AMD64 Windows Server 2003

I’m trying to use kernrate on an AMD64 Windows Server 2003 SP1 installation. When I download the latest available package from

I get KrView_100-82.exe, 5.9MB, dated 1/14/2004. I get the following kernrates when I install:

11/07/2003 04:58 PM 269,312 Kernrate_i386_Win2000.exe
11/07/2003 04:58 PM 129,024 Kernrate_i386_XP.exe
11/07/2003 04:59 PM 326,656 Kernrate_ia64_XP.exe

The version for kernrate_i386_xp.exe (which is the closest to Windows Server 2003) is:

Kernrate_i386_XP.exe version => KERNRATE - Version: 5.2.3790.1101

My system is an Intel EM64T type processor, and installs 64-bit Windows Server fine. When I try to run kernrate, kernrate does not detect any kernel hits, and therefore produces no profile information. I list the clock sources and see time and alignfixup. I try -c (cyclic), and see the same result.

Am I using the correct app to collect profile info on an amd64 OS platform? Is there another kernrate I should be using? I cannot find any others in any other location on the Microsoft web site. I found an older kernrate in rktools for Server 2003, but see the same result.


I’m posting a solution, since I found one, and want to make sure the solution gets posted. I had found two previously posted threads for a similar problem, but no solutions were posted (other than general suggestions).

The downloadable kernrate from the Microsoft site apparently does not include an x64 binary. That download (the one referenced in the initial posting) is not usable for x64 builds of Windows Server 2003.

The 3790.1830 DDK has a kernrate doc, but no binaries.

I found kernrate for x64 located in the 3790.1218 (SP1) DDK at 3790.1218\tools\other*
This kernrate works as expected on x64 Windows Server 2003.