kernel level named pipe hangs on Win2k

Hello all,
I’m trying to port a filter driver from NT 4.0 to Win2k. We had created our
own kernel level namedpipe library using IoCreateFile and passing the
appropriate parameters. The namedpipe library is used for network
communication. The filter driver was working fine in Windows NT. But on
Win2k the client side of the pipe hangs when trying to connect to the

The server side of the pipe is successfully created on system A. (status of
IoCreateFile is 0x0, and I can see the pipename with NtHandleEx). The
pipename I’m using is L"\??\NamedPipe\MyPipe". It then waits for a
connection using ZwFsControlFile(…, FSCTL_PIPE_LISTEN,…).

The client side is using the name L"\??\UNC\%s\pipe\MyPipe" and tries
to connect to the server (system B) with:
(I convert the name to unicode and initialize the object attributes before
calling it).

The kernel debugger shows that it hangs on this function and in particular
(80400e3a) ntoskrnl!ZwOpenFile+0x9 | (80402700)

I’m running DbgView on system A and I can see that the server side is NOT
awaken from the Listening mode.

Anyone else ran into this before? Has the namedpipe naming convention
changed from NT to Win2K (MS literature indicates that it has not). Are
there any new security issues on the Win2k systems (systems A and B are on a
dedicated network with the same administrator password - none).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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