KDMF Installation problem

On a windows vista/2008 machine KMDF was not getting installed properly. Installed
KMDF version is 1.7 and we are trying to install 1.9 version of KMDF , the
installation API returned success but it did not installed anything because it
already found KMDF 1.9 package in the system. Looks like windows update and
package manager has some problems on this machine.

i have reported this problem earlier here : -

i could reproduce the problem now and i have the CBS.log . can some one from MS help here. this is causing lot of frustations to our users.

Hi Vijay,
Please contact me (weimao at microsoft dot com) so that we can anayze your cbs log file and figure out what is wrong there. Thanks,


i have sent the logs over the e-mail.

Thanks very much for a very quickly reply.