.kdfiles + firewire + XP Pro == locks target up?

This may be related to the firewire protocol errors, but when using
kdfiles to transfer a file over a firewire connection, occasionally the
target machine will get stuck in an infinite loop:

[here i’m reloading a graphics driver]

PHMIRROR: DrvDisableDriver called.
LPC[5bc.31c]: Refusing connection from 5bc.740
LPC[6c4.470]: Refusing connection from 6c4.6ec
KD: Accessing ‘D:\funk\Proxy4.new\Build\Debug\phmdisp.dll’
File size

(and the .'s keep going forever).

I cannot break into the target at this point. I have to do the following:

  • I must unplug the target machine to shut it off
  • Reboot the target
  • usually unplug and re-plugin the firewire connection just for purely
    superstitious reasons
  • Close down WinDBG on the host
  • Wait for the target to boot up far enough that it allows a debugging
  • Start WinDBG (if I start it before the debugging connection on the
    host is available, I’m unable to break into the target until I restart
  • Then I must try and break in before the now-corrupted version of the
    driver on the target is loaded so that WinDBG can try and transfer a new
    copy of the driver over…

Is this a known bug?


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