Issues with HLK detecting driver

Hey, I am having weird issues with HLK studio detecting my driver.

Its a minifilter driver which contains a WFP callout as well.

Sometimes HLK detects it correctly and I can see it named “Driver.sys DEVICE/MUP” in the selection tab, in which case it detects driver types correctly and shows all tests. Other times it detects it only as “Driver.sys” and I have to enable the types manually to be able to see the tests I want to run. And other times - most of the time the driver is just not there at all. Restarting both the controller and the machine that I test it on gives me one of the states randomly - most of the time it just doesnt work.

I install the driver trough an inf file. Its service seems to be running without any issues and fltmc shows it properly attached to all volumes.

Any ideas what could be the cause? I have tried pretty much everything at this point, including to reinstall the client.

Which version of HLK studio are you using? Have you tried later build? What windows version edition are you certifying for?

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