Issue while registering mmbcx client driver

I am trying to register mbbcx client drivers,
MbbDeviceInitialize is successfull.
MbbDeviceSetMbimParameters set
After NetAdapterCreate is also successfull, but while calling MbbAdapterInitialize with netadapter created , return with failure 0xc00000b5.
kindly give pointer how to check further since, how to check issues related mbbcx client extension.

The error is ERROR_IO_TIMEOUT. Do you actually have hardware?

@Tim_Roberts actual hw is connected. resourse also been assigned for communication(pcie). from device manager while trying load drivers this issue has been observed.

MbbCx sends initialization mbim control cmds in context of MbbAdapterInitialize. Refer to ‘Handling MBIM control messages’.
If not handled gives up (driver will be WdfDeviceSetFailed(AttemptRestart) and eventually YB after few reloads).

@msr yes mbim_open is coming three times but from logs observed we are completing mbim_open success even though still hw channel is not ready by that… time i will check on this. when we return mbim_open with success status what additional extension/wwan service will check to make sure mbim_open is properly opened by device asking for my understanding?