is the FileObject used by PagingIo must be CREATED with FILE_READ_DATA or FILE_WRITE_DATA?

Is the FileObject used by PagingIO must be CREATED with FILE_READ_DATA or
FILE_WRITE_DATA or FILE_APPEND_DATA???In other words,the FileObject must
not be CREATED with
single ,just,


I think,because the FileObject used by pagingIO will execute
IO(Read,Write),so it must be Created
with these IO flag.And I know,if I have a FileObject,I can roll a IRP to
READ/Write afaid of the Created
flag of the FileObject(Is that?).So,my means is the CacheManager’s real
I think,because Cc reference the fileobject when the first data IO,the
FileObject used by pagingIO must be CREATED
with data IO flag.
just discuss it.Please…

Yes,I know the fileobject used by pagingIO can be anyAccess!But I want to
know that Real Is.
In my opinion,Cache Manager reference the fileobject when first IO,then
the fileobject must be IOAccess.
although the fileobject can be anyAccess,but for this cause,It only be
IOAccess really.
Anyone can Clarity it?please,thanks.