Is it possible to get bcdedit settings from a full kernel crash dump?

From within a full kernel crash dump (in WinDbg), can I get the bcdedit settings on that machine when it crashed?

Which setting(s) in particular? The BCD itself is structured as a Registry hive and you can grovel through it with !reg:

0: kd> !reg q \REGISTRY\MACHINE\BCD00000000

Found KCB = ffffca8fc3897d80 :: \REGISTRY\MACHINE\BCD00000000

Hive         ffffca8fc6e41000
KeyNode      000001f6fd121024

[SubKeyAddr]         [SubKeyName]
1f6fd1211ec          Description
1f6fd121104          Objects

 Use '!reg keyinfo ffffca8fc6e41000 <SubKeyAddr>' to dump the subkey details

[ValueType]         [ValueName]                   [ValueData]
 Key has no Values

But the format is undocumented and it's real work to try and parse it this way.

A subset of the bcdedit options are reflected in the SystemStartOptions Registry value, which can also find with !reg if that's what you're looking for:

0: kd> !reg q \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet


Hive         ffffca8fc2e6b000
KeyNode      ffffca8fc2f57024

[ValueType]         [ValueName]                   [ValueData]
REG_LINK            SymbolicLinkValue             \Registry\Machine\SYSTEM\ControlSet001
0: kd> !reg q \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control
REG_SZ              SystemStartOptions             NOEXECUTE=OPTIN  HYPERVISORLAUNCHTYPE=AUTO  FVEBOOT=2674688  NOVGA
REG_SZ              SystemBootDevice              multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)

Or maybe that's not helpful and you're looking for something else entirely...