Is driver signing broken today or did it change?

I’m trying to get my filter driver signed. Until yesterday that worked without a problem. What I do is this:

Copy the driver’s .sys file, .inf file and .cat file to a directory named driver64, pack everything with cabarc and sign that .cab file with my EV-certificate. Then go to, click “Submit new hardware” and upload the .cab file.

This still worked yesterday. Today I get this error:
“Unable to extract and upload PackageInfo.xml.
Correlation ID: c8147156-2a5e-4ff2-8246-8d6a76d60cb8
Correlation vector: DDsu+jyTvEOnU/m2.1.12”

My mistake? There is no PackageInfo.xml, true, but I never needed to include one. Did the requirements change?

It was just broken. Now it’s working again. :slight_smile: