IRP_MJ_WRITE for network files


I have written an encryption/decryption minifilter which is working fine for local files. I am handling IRP_MJ_WRITE for IRP_NOCACHE, IRP_PAGING_IO, IRP_SYNCHRONOUS_PAGING_IO. But this behaviour is not emulated in case of network files. I have read some posts regarding the same. There are some possible ways thats was suggested by the posts -

  1. Have a minifilter on the remote machine which writes on the targed file. But I want this to work from host machine rather than from remote machine.
  2. Handle IRP_MJ_WRITE on IRP_DEFER_IO_COMPLETION. But this is is not working in all the cases. Lets take the case for BMP files I am getting IRP_NOCACHE after IRP_MJ_FLUSH_BUFFERS.
  3. Read the FAQ “Caching in Network File Systems”. But I couldn’t understand how to write in a minifilter driver to disallow caching with LanmanRedirector.

I want to know -

  1. Is there is any particular flag or a group of flags on which we have to handle IRP_MJ_WRITE for network files?

  2. If there is no such flag available then how to handle this particular case of network files.



Please let me know its urgent



I am also facing same problem, I have read previous posts & as far as i think, most simple solution was to have driver at both side which handle paging & non_cached read/write.

May some senior members will provide some more information on this.