IRP_MJ_POWER and File System Minifilter Driver

I want to capture power events from my file system minifilter driver. I implemented dispatch functions for IRP_MJ_POWER. But found that it is never called.
I think, it is not getting IRP_MJ_POWER event, as it is minifilter driver which does not need to handle power IRP. Please correct if I am wrong.
Is there any way to receive IRP_MJ_POWER in file system minifilter driver?

The first question is what are you really trying to accomplish? IRP_MJ_POWER is mainly about the physical device which has little to do with a file system. Have you looked at ExRegisterCallback with \Callback\PowerState to see if that provides what you want?

Thanks Don, I am trying to get SYSTEM_POWER_STATE_CONTEXT(for startup type) which comes in IRP_MN_SET_POWER.
I looked at ExRegisterCallback with \Callback\PowerState but it does not gives this information.

ExRegisterCallback with \Callback\PowerState gives event when it goes to sleep state and few other details. But I require machine started from hibernation or fast startup.