Irp->Flags and network read operations

Hi All,

I’ve had a problem with out filter. We always read the first block of the file on an open. We’ve just found that when running Win2000 to a network share we get the read bounced.

The files concerned are EXE files, and are being used to create new processes.

I build an IRP by IoBuildAsynchronousFsdRequest, set flags IRP_READ_OPERATION and do an IoCallDriver on the next lower driver. I then wait on an event that is set by my completion routine. This always works (except when the file is too small). However on a network drive the second time the file is opened, the read is failed with an error c0000022 Access Denied.

I am now setting flags IRP_SYNCHRONOUS_PAGING_IO | IRP_PAGING_IO on the read as well. As a result of this everything is OK. However I’m worried that this may have some unfortunate side effects - especially as the files don’t HAVE to be EXE files.

Does anyone have any comments?


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