IOCTL in NDIS WAN Miniport Driver

Hi, All,

I’m writing a NDIS WAN miniport driver. I hope the user-mode application
can access the capability of the the driver or the hardware via W32 API
such as DeviceIoControl( ). I undestand that the NdisMRegisterMiniport( )
can help to build a symbolic link with one query/set routine defined inside
the driver. I hope the query routine can receive input data from
DeviceIoControl( ). For example, one query can be done only when NDIS_OID
and one additional data are received. But, it seems to me that the query
routine provided in NDIS WAN miniport driver can not see the additional
input data except NDIS_OID, output buffer and the length for the output
buffer. Is that right?

So, do we really need to define a dispatch control routine in Major
Functoin Array for this driver object in NDIS driver entry to accept the
input data and/or the length of input data?

Thanks in advance.