IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC not including data track

Hi all,

I’ve run into a bit of a problem with IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC, specifically
with mixed-mode discs with a data track following the audio tracks. The
data track is not being included in the TOC returned by the ioctl, as if
it’s being filtered by the lower-level drivers. If I read the TOC via ASPI
or SPTI, the data track is included, so it’s not a problem with the hardware
not supporting it.

Specifically, I’ve got a CD ripper that primarily uses ASPI and/or SPTI, and
need the TOC including the data track to be able to correctly generate a
CDDB id. Until the advent of Win2K, it all worked fine, but of course SPTI
under Win2K seems to require admin priveleges to access the CDROM. So
ideally, I’d like to add support for IOCTL_CDROM_*, but need to find a way
to retrieve an unmodified TOC. Any ideas?

Andy Key

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