Installing the WDK on Windows XP 64-bit

I’d like to address the failure of the WDK to install on a machine running
Windows XP 64. As many of you who have tried installing the WDK on that
particular OS may have noticed, the install process begins normally and
fails after installing a couple components. The failure is caused by the
installation of signing catalogs with file names longer than 28 characters.
For whatever reason Windows XP 64-bit will not allow such catalogs to be
installed and we did not get to the root of the issue until it was too late
to fix it for this release. We have the fix and intend on including it with
the service release of the WDK. In the meantime you can follow the
directions posted by on 09/10/2009. I’ll repost them below
with a few modifications to make the process easier.

Workaround 1:
Install the WDK on a non-Windows XP 64-bit system and then copy the whole
root directory (C:\winddk\7600.0.0 on my machine) to the Windows XP 64-bit
machine. Finally, install the debuggers and docs using the MSIs. You should
be able to start any of the build environments by executing setenv.bat with
the appropriate arguments. For example:
C:\WinDDK\7600.0.0\bin\setenv.bat C:\WinDDK\7600.0.0 fre win7

Workaround 2:

  1. Obtain orca.exe, I believe it is part of the Windows SDK which can be
    downloaded here. You can also follow the directions from but
    I cannot vouch for that link.
  2. Once you’ve obtained orca.exe, run it and open Path>\WDK\audiosamples.msi
    3. From the menu select Transform->New Transform
    4. Select the InstallExecuteSequence table and remove the entries for
    InstallCatalog, RemoveCatalog, SetInstallCatalog, and SetRemoveCatalog.
    5. From the menu select Transform->Generate Transform, save the MST file
    6. Install all of the MSI files under the WDK directory using the following
    msiexec.exe /q /i SOURCEINSTALL=1
    DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR1=“C:\winddk\7600.0.0” /T
    7. Install the debuggers and docs if you need to
    8. You should have a fully working WDK at this point which you can access
    through the start menu

    You can use the following batch script to perform step 6 if you’d like:

    FOR %%i IN (\wdk*.msi) DO msiexec.exe /q /i %%i
    SOURCEINSTALL=1 DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR1=“C:\winddk\7600.0.0” /T transform file>

    Paul Wiens