Info about SetFileShortName API and SFN mapping.

Hi All,

I have the following questions:

  1. What are the guarantees provided for SFN <-> LFN mapping?
    What filesystem operations can cause the SFN to change?
    I’ve seen “move” change the SFN. What others do the same?

  2. Do the applications try and force a SFN?
    I’ve read some earlier posts mentioning tools which could change the
    SFN <-> LFN mapping. Since there were no Win32 APIs to do so, I’m
    assuming these tools worked on a local filesystem and did things
    directly with device file. Is that correct or could these even
    work over the netword on a mapped remote filesystem?

  3. SetFileShortName() Win32 API added in XP: Does this work on locally
    mounted filesystems only? Can you do this over a mapped remote
    NTFS filesystem? If yes, what are the SMB requests that this
    results in? I could not find any SMB request which could do this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.