INF file: Install Winsock Provider DLL


in old version of a socket driver, we were using a co-installer to install also its WSP to support its address family in usermode. Since co-installer support is being removed from INFs I would like to ask: is there any possibility of installing a Winsock Provider through an INF file (together with the driver)? My current observation is that it is not. In the past, there was a special Winsock INF section, however, as I see it, it is deprecated for a long time now (since Windows 8).

Am I missing something? Is there an alternative approach? Of course, I can install the WSP through an installer program but would be really happy with an pure INF soluetion, so it gets installed together with the driver.

Thanks in advance

I don't know much about winsock, but afaik the [*.Winsock] still works