Inconsistent driver behavior


I am working on a full NIC device driver for an ATM adapter which houses an
IDT 77211 NICStAR chip. The driver is being developed for NT4 SP6.

About 70% of the times that the driver loads, I get transmit interrupt but
for the rest of the loads I don’t get transmit interrupt. But Receive
interrupts are extremely consistent over multiple loads and unloads of the
driver. In case of multiple adapters in the debug system, some adapters
issue transmit interrupts while at the same time the rest don’t transmit
data. I guess it is not a problem with IoConnectInterrupt as the receive
interrupts are issued consistently by all adapters at all times.

Please provide some pointers towards the likely cause of the problem. Any
help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Vinaychandra A V S
Software Engineer,
Wipro Technologies.
BANGALORE, 560 068.
Phone :- +91-80-5732293/96 ext 3238.
Fax:- +91-80-5732696.

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