Icepack and Windows 2000

Has anyone successfully got Icepack to work with Windows 2000? Icepack and
Softice load fine, but my boot time FSFD seems always to load before SoftIce
preventing me from breaking on DriverEntry. I’ve followed all the
directions and monkeyed around with all different registry settings to no
avail. I had no problem getting it to run with NT4.

If anyone has successfully used IcePack with Windows 2000, I’d appreciate
hearing their war stories.



Ok, I figured it out.

First, ignore the instructions in siwsym.txt for Windows 2000.

Second, translate the symbol table and run Icepack.exe.

Third, leave the Group (“NTIce”) and Tags for SIWSYM, NTICE, and SIWVID

Fourth, change the Group of your boot FSFD to “NTIce” also, for debug
purposes. You can change it back to “filter” at production. Make sure the
Tag is higher than any other tags in group “NTIce”. 0x40 should do it.

Reboot and “voila”!

Hope this helps prevent some future grief.