I got some query regarding debugging using WinDbg

Hello all,
I got some query regarding debugging using WinDbg

Source: Win NT 4.0
Target: Windows 2000
WinDBG Version: 6.10009.0

I have connected to the two machines and when I type on one using hyper
terminal the message gets displayed on the other.

Now my target machine is a fresh machine nothing installed on it except the
driver dlls and the operating system(Win2K). My host machine is the
development machine and has everything installed. Now what things should I
install on my target machine to enable debugging?

Further I read somewhere that to enable debugging on the target machine some
global flag in the registry has to be changed. Well in my fresh target
machine such a registry key never existed. does ne one have any

Further in my host machine what should be the value of this flag?

I also made some changes to the system files in the target machine as per
debugger help and now it shows “debugger enabled” during boot up against the
Windows 2000 name.

About the symbols I gave the path of the Microsoft symbol server well the
result was that some symbols got downloaded. Some article mentioned that
there is no need to have the symbols on the local machine and its better to
use the Microsoft symbol server path. I am not sure whether this would work.
In case I have to download the symbols please guide me as to what I do so
for both checked or build.

See mine is a printer driver it prints virtually. Well I want to debug in
the user mode though in the documentation it is mentioned that user mode
processes can be debugged using single machine. But in my case its the
CSRSS.exe that loads the driver hence I read somewhere that I need to use
two machines.Any comments on this?

I did try to start some debugging but I was clueless as to what I should
attach the process with etc. Can someone in simple terms tell me step by
that what I should do to start debugging. things like which machine should I
boot first.do I need to load the source files in windbg , do I need to
build my driver with some special settings? what process should I attach to
windbg? how will I know things are working? should I set a breakpoint ?
before or after debugging starts?

See I have been trying to debug my driver and its been a week I need sincere
help and I believe this group can provide so Please do let me know to the
and if ne one has a Yahoo chat ID I can even talk to you and do things as u
suggest while I chat!

Looking forward for a reply

Cordial Regards
Abhishek Gattani

“Abhishek Gattani” wrote in message
> Hello all,
> I got some query regarding debugging using WinDbg


I’m not sure why you would choose to use a File System mailing list to get
answers to debugging your pritnter driver. You’ll get better answers if you
subscribe to windbg on this server and post your question there.

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