I edited an existing post I made and it disappeared

https://community.osr.com/discussion/290622/welcome-faq-about-the-community says:

I Posted Something… And It Didn’t Show Up!

Yeah… it probably got marked as spam. There’s a pretty sophisticated set of spam filters, but sometimes they get it wrong: Sometimes spam gets through and sometimes real posts get marked as spam. As the community evolves, the spam blocking will get better. If you post something and it disappears, you can let the mods know and we’ll get your post fixed.

I EDITED an Existing Post I Made… And It DISAPPEARED!

It’s magic! No, not really: It either (a) got marked as spam, or (b) if you repeatedly edited your post (like 3 or 4 times in rapid succession) the “flood control” blocker might have been triggered. Again, let the mods know… we’ll get it fixed so that this never happens to you again.

My post in the discussion regarding the use of C++ in the kernel was blocked.