How to write a Driver Installer for an NDIS Filter Driver

Hi all,

I have an intermediate filter driver (NDIS) which consists of two inf
files. One for my filter driver and the other for the notify dll.

I have had some trouble using snetcfg. With my driver, I have found that
that snetcfg will not install my filter driver on a system where my driver
was never previously installed. Also, if I remove my .sys, inf, and dll
files from the windows directory, and attempt to install my driver using
snetcfg, it will NOT install my filter driver.

What is up with this?

I have noticed that on a fresh system, the SetupCopyOEMInf() function does
not copy my inf file to the windows\inf directory. Instead it creates an
OEMxx.inf file which is my inf file renamed?

Has anyone seen this before?

Thank you,