How to: Use 1394 communication

> Hi,

I have few questions about writing an application that uses IEEE 1394,
61883.sys and SBP2. I am using Windows XP SP2 for my development of 1394
High Speed Communication Application Software.How to communicate over 1394
between two Windows XP SP2 PCs. I have installed 1394a cards and connected
the PCs using 6 pin to 6 pin cable. I can also see the network connection
showing the 1394 connection.
Scenario 1:
Application A running in PC 1 to send request in the form of 1394 packets
and Application B running in PC 2 to read the request and send a response
back to Application A using 1394. (Asynchronous mode)
How to get this up? what is the procedure. The application A and B will be
written using Visual C++.
Please explain the procedure involved in sending data between to two
I would like to add FCP of 61883 , as there is no user mode dll available
from microsoft, how to add the FCP to an user mode application. (something
like win1394 including 1394api.dll to send and receive packets over 1394)
Also, as my application has to perform bulk data transfer, would like to
use SBP2 protocol support. (how to get to link my user mode application
to sbp2port.sys)

Hope i am making sense.

Any help to resolve this would mean a lot.

PS: If there is any disclaimer attached,. please kindly ignore.
Sivakumar Jayapal

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