How to investigate NDIS Test Protocol Drivers assertions

HLK failing NDISTest6.0 - Mini6Send triggering BSOD.
From stack it is obeserved that ndprot630 assertion is hitting.
what is the proper way to investigate ndprot630 assertion.
HLK verification driver threads not showing much information why this assertion is trigger in NDprot driver.
Tried to check pending OIDs, NBLS using !ndiskd.netadapter.


Not familiar with this driver or these tests, but presumably there's an error message along with the assert?

Hi Scott,
After exploring HLK logs and other logs. NDIS test protocol drivers is expecting to complete the sent or recived packets within specific time. if it is not completed its asserting. The time it is expecting and during crash times details not captured in logs as expected. if I connect debugger test always fails due delay in processing. and also test is not failed always.

from code point of view trying to optimize code. but overall its tedious to map code to for optimization.

Sounds painful...

Is there NO debug output before the ASSERT?