how to converts one physical dapter into two virtual adapter using ndis to archive ?

I have a four ports nic , when I inserted machine ,the devmgmt.msc only can see two unrecognized device.
I wanna using ndis to resolve,whan can I do ?

You contact the manufacturer of the device and download the correct driver. This is not a problem that you would solve on your own.

So you could put a filter driver above a nic and then use the virtual ndis design pattern to provide two nic ports, but why?

Also, Windows has had inbox support for various kinds of NIC teaming for 10+ years. Other than teaming, you might want to mask some of the ports. This is easily done by disabling the device (GUI, SetupDI API, powershell etc.). I can’t think of another object, but maybe i’m missing someting> @Mark_Roddy said:

So you could put a filter driver above a nic and then use the virtual ndis design pattern to provide two nic ports, but why?

is Your meaninng intermediate ndis driver for me ? Do you know ndisedge driver I current consider from wdk’s example ?

Yeah not an ‘ndis filter’, that is for modifying data not for creating a virtualized nic. The ndisedge sample might be a better starting point. But again, what are you trying to accomplish by creating two nic ports from one physical nic?

Becuase the Scenario is showing only two ethernet adapter devices on devmgmt.msc ,but the nic autual have four port for inserting net cable,so I have to need to create other two virtual adapter to using other two port.

OK, that makes absolutely no sense. If the physical nic driver is only exposing two ports, there is no way for your virtual nic driver to access the other two ports.

If the driver for the physical hardware does not expose all of the ports, then no driver on top of that one can do anything about that. The only thing you can do is to replace the OEM driver - which is just about impossible unless you work for the OEM

What kind of hardware is it? There are network adapters that implement redundancy at the port level. Connecting two physical cables to a single transceiver as part of a high availability configuration. It can be the other way around too - connecting one cable to multiple transceivers too. This kind of hardware usually does not get installed in systems that run Windows though

I‘m the manufacturer ~ on linux world I can register multiple Net Adapter to expose protocol driver ~

If you are the manufacturer, then you should know the topology of your device. A wild guess would be that you have a card that has 2 dual port controllers on it, and a common bridge of some kind. That’s a common design. Then you are looking at a miniport driver of some kind. There is way too much too this for an internet form post