How to add DeviceInterfaceGUID in OS descriptors when loading Winusb drivers

I am trying to add a DeviceInterfaceGUID to enumerate the device in the OS descriptors. Can you please guide me how to do so..

Hmmm…. WdfDeviceCreateDeviceInterface?

If I understand Varun's scenario correctly, it is WinUSB.sys who will call WdfDeviceCreateDeviceInterface, according to the Windows feature described here: Registering a device interface GUID

And regarding the "Extended Properties OS Feature Descriptor" that is mentionend there, the place to start is the Microsoft OS 1.0 Descriptors Specification

(It seems like this question is about device firmware rather than device drivers.)

Exactly. If you have filled in the OS extended descriptors correctly, the driver stack will create the interface for you. Do you have evidence that is not occurring? Have you tried to attach to the device in user mode?

Yes it is for the device firmware..
I tried to add the DeviceInterfaceGUID in "Extended Properties OS Feature Descriptor" but i am not able to see it in the registry