How Do MMO Mouses Support >5 Buttons

There are many mouses designed for MMO games that offers up to 12 buttons.

But the doc for


indicates maximum 5 buttons is supported.

How do we support >5 mouse buttons?

There are two choices

  1. as a different top level HID collection that is not a mouse usage
  2. as a keyboard

Keyboard is probably the compatible route, re-inforced by this article Can the scimitar use the 12 side buttons as extra side buttons? - Keyboards and Mice - Corsair Community

probably this device reports itself as both a mouse and a keyboard. That's also common in data center KVM devices

Yes, to clarify my first answer. Buttons > 5 are reported as a keyboard in addition to the standard mouse for buttons 1-5 and wheels etc.

Or maybe all of the buttons on the side are part of the keyboard? But the ones on the top are part of the mouse? Each piece of hardware will likely vary

I think the key point is that a single device reports itself using multiple HID records