How do i get the Various Devices controlled by a single driver

i am trying to capture and play audio packets from a ISA or PCI based Audio Card.(USB is not included).
i am trying to find a method to get the data stream inside the kernel of windows 2000. Ths Microsoft defined Kernel Streaming architecture says u can do that but i am finding it incomplete in some ways as it does not specify the ways and means of attaching my own device over the system defined audio devices.
Since i need to have the Low Latency path for the audio packets it has to be done inside the kernel only.
The control signals can be sent via user mode DLL , can anyone suggest me or even send me a sample for doing this as i have been constantly trying for the above method , since i am new to this field of device drivers i am unable to find the way out.
I tried creating a pin which is suggested by the WDM_CSA of microsoft but to no avail .
How does one create and connect to the pin using a driver.
thanks to all in advance