HLK in VMs?

This is first time I noticed a note that HLK Clients must not be ran in virtual environments (except for paravirtual drivers). This seems to be related to even filters that filter actual physical devices, but just in case, does this also apply to minifilters?
It would not make any sense, IMO.

On a side note, if anyone has issues with installing and configuring HLK on latest Server 2019/Windows 10, just give up and try a different ISO image… it is not worth the time fixing it. I had issues setting up HLK Client in the February image of Win10 (20H2 build I think!) and it was faster to use a different ISO than to track MSI errors.


We use physical machines but the requirements state:

Test systems are not supported in a virtual PC or any third-party Hypervisor environment.

Presumably that would mean that you’re OK as long as your client is using Hyper-V.

I presumed “virtual PC” also means no Hyper-V.
But it makes zero sense not to allow minifilters (and a few others) to be tested in VMs… I wish someone from MS made it clear (and if not allowed… why :))

I assume it’s a typo and they meant Virtual PC. I’ll file a doc bug and see if we can get clarification.

Good idea! Make sure to ask for clarification on whether device-less drivers (not the best term?) have the same limitation.
VPC is not supported even on W8, so I doubt they meant it. I did not see the mention of virtual environments before, at least not 5 years ago, and W10 is 6 years now.

I should mention that the none of the tests I am offered for a minifilter require a physical machine. There are no longer Power Options tests for minifilters (there used to be in XP time for filters).