HLK for minifilter questions

Experts, I downloaded HLK for minifilter and tried running the tests. There are 21 tests for FS minifilter. Question is: My driver attaches to a volume but filters files only in a configured directory, it is not coded to filter root of a volume. There is no requirement to do ao. But HLK runs all activity on root of the volume. So tests do pass. Is it ok to submit for signing, or is there anything else to be done ? Thanks

I’d say that there are two answers to your question…

To answer the explicit question: i don’t know whether it’s enough to just pass and I have managed to not have to learn much about software manufacture. It strikes me that if all that the process asks for is for the tests to pass then you are good. Think of it as the Volkswagen approach…

However as an engineer wanting to ship the best product and increase left shift you should take every advantage of all the tools available. The HLK tests are infuriating, often irrelevant and sometimes downright wrong but they represent an absolute treasure trove of tools to establish whether your filter is not going to impact the system. They are far from sufficient, but they are a necessary tool towards improving quality.

So I’d urge you to take the time to see if you can persuade your filter to interact with them, even if it means rendering your filter useless. Cut a branch with the changes and don’t ship it or whatever, but do try to get them to run. Then look at the results, understand what they mean and whether any test failures represent a failure of your filter or just a facet of its function.

Don’t think of HLK as a hurdle to cross, think of it as a tool to help you.

Thank you very much Rod for sharing your wisdom.