Hibernation with a virtual SCSI miniport driver on Win2003 RC1.

I have a virtual SCSI miniport driver that controls a hard drive and a cdrom
drive. I have a problem with bringing the system down with hibernation.
When the system is put into hibernation the virtual SCSI miniport as well as
all supporting drivers handle their Power Management IRPs correctly. After
all drivers have been told to go into S4(hibernation state), I was expecting
to see a bunch of Disk I/O access by the OS pulling information from RAM and
storing it into the hibernation file on the boot partition. In fact, I saw
the hibernation splash screen appear for a second before it went away.
Unfortunately, what I saw next (thru windbg) was a new wave of Power
Management IRPs telling the virtual SCSI miniport driver and the
corresponding support drivers to wake up to S0(full power state). I then
see the OS come back up with a popup message from the system tray stating
that the OS failed hibernation due to status
0xc000000e(STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE). The OS then disables hibernation control
until a system reset occurs.

On normal shutdowns under a check build of the OS I am getting the following
asserts. Don’t know if this is related to my hibernation issue or not.

*** Assertion failed: Adapter->CommonExtension.CurrentDeviceState ==
*** Source File: d:\nt\drivers\storage\scsiport\power.c, line 812

Break repeatedly, break Once, Ignore, terminate Process, or terminate Thread

Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

Thanks in Advance,

I have installed the checked version of WinXP, since I don’t have the
checked version of Win2003. I do the same hibernation operation and the
following occurs in windbg

CRASHDUMP: Unable to initialize driver; error = c000000e
HAL Warning: PCI Configuration Access had detected an invalid bus scan.

Now I know where the status is coming from. What I do not understand is
what the message is trying to tell me here. Especially when I am trying
to translate it into what I am doing wrong in source code. The HAL
Warning is little troublesome to me as well. I am a ISA virtual scsi
miniport. What does PCI Configuration Access have to do with any of this.

Thanks In Advance,