Help! ShellExecute() behaving in weird manner!

Hi all,

Environment : WIndows NT Server 4.0 SP5, Visual Studio 6.0 SP3

We have an application that is written in VB 6.0. It uses MS Access as
database and ADO to access data.

We have noticed that when our application is running, if we invoke *.doc,
*.pdf files from the File Explorer, it takes a long time to load the
document (about 1 to 2 minutes). Also we have noticed that using
ShellExecute() from within the VB applicaion also has the same effect.
Instead of ShellExecute(), when we used CreateProcess() API - viola! the
delay was gone!!!

I believe that programs/documents invoked from the WIndows Shell exhibit
this behaviour when our app is running.

Has anyone come across such weird behaviour? Any suggestions? Please help.

Thanks and Regards,